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Cancellation/Payment in advance

Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up to 24h prior to first day of reservation. If later, customer will be charged full price. Guesthouse Marína reserves the right to request a deposit for reservation, especially, if it is a multiple room booking or a reservation during peak season.

Children and spare beds

Childs are welcome in our hotel. Childs under 6 year on spare bed are accommodated for free with booking of two bed room. Maximum amount of spare beds in two beds room is one. The second child without spare bed can be accommodated for free if sleeps with parents on double bed. One child under 6yo can be accommodated for free with one adult when booking a single bed room.

Additional extra services

Please note that fee for additional services is NOT automatically added to the booking price. Guests are required to pay for the fees upon their arrival at the guesthouse. For example these include: breakfast, half-board, washing and ironing. Parking for the guests is free of charge.


Pets are not allowed

We accept the following debit and credit cards

Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Meastro. We DO NOT accept American Express cards.

Price of accommodation

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Cenník ubytovania 06.01 – 26.12. 27.12. – 15.03.
Standard room 1 person
/ +
45€ 45€
Standard room 2 persons
/ +
60€ 80€
Standard room 2 persons + 1 * extra bed over 6 y.
+ / +
70€ 90€
Family apartment 3 persons
/ + / +
90€ 110€
Family apartment 3 persons + 1 * extra bed over 6 y.
100€ 120€
Family apartment 3 persons + 2 * extra bed over 6 y.
110€ 130€
*Extra bed person over 6 r. 10€ 10€

(price list valid from 21.10.2019)

Price list of additional services

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Additional services
Breakfast for adults and children over 12 years old 5€
Breakfast 6-12 years old 3€
Breakfast 6-0 years old 0€
2 children free up to 6 years on spare bed and bed with adults 0€
1 child under 6 years old on spare bed when booking two beds room 0€
1 child under 6 years old on spare bed when booking single room 0€
Bed for toddlers 0€
Animals are not allowed 0€